Posted on January 19th 2017

Notice of the filing of a Labor Condition Application

with the Employment and Training


  1. H-1B Non-Immigrant Worker is being sought by Software Consultants, Inc. through the filing of a labor condition application with the Employment and Training of the U.S. Department of Labor.
  1. One such worker is being sought.
  1. The worker is being sought as Programmer Analyst.
  1. Wage of $80000.00 per year is being offered to the workers.
  1. The period of employment of the workers is January 19,2017 to January 19,2020.
  1. The employment will occur at  4840 Westfield’s Blvd,.Suite#200,Chantilly,VA 20151
  1. The labor condition application is available for public inspection at the office of Software Consultants Inc., 8229 Boone Blved,Suite#310, Vienna, VA 22182

“Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.

“Complaints alleging failure to offer employment to an equally better qualified U.S. worker or an employer’s misrepresentation regarding such offer of employment, may be filed with U.S. Dept. of Justice 10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW Washington DC 20530.




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