Quality Assurance and Testing Services:

Testing Excellence and testing as a service is one of the core competencies at SCI. With several federal clients such as USPTO, USCIS, NLM and HHS, SCI has provided an end to end range of Testing Services, including: QA, IV&V, Development of standard architectural frameworks, Test Automation (thousands of test cases), etc. Testing services ranged from Independent IT&E services including functional UI testing, Performance Testing, API testing, accessibility testing, component testing, end-to-end testing, integration testing, and database testing, etc. Related services included- DevSecOps and CI/CD services including test automation architecture and design, environment setup, Jenkins setup & monitoring, and framework development; Designing/developing test automation scripts with JavaScript, Java, & GroovyScript for Test Complete, Selenium, and ReadyAPI; API testing and automation for services-oriented applications including AWS cloud systems, monolithic service applications, and microservices; Database testing including ETL testing, multi-database synchronization testing, and validation with UI and API systems; Section 508 accessibility testing and automation; Preparing test documentation including test plans, test cases, design documents, and test summary reports, etc.; End-to-end Defect management – Identifying, triaging, and managing defects throughout the defect lifecycle to their closure with validation of the code fixes.Quality Assurance and Testing Services

SCI Center of Excellence in Software Testing (CoEST):

Over the years, SCI has worked with various client organizations to serve their QA, IV&V and testing requirements and in the process gained Thought Leadership in the area of Software Testing. We recognized that many of the objectives, challenges, and testing approaches are common across each of the testing engagements. We created an internal center of excellence (SCI CoEST) to accumulate findings and lessons learned across each of our contracts and to evaluate the use of new test technologies to improve testing efficiency and quality outcomes. We developed standards for a universal API testing framework and evaluated tools/technologies using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) RPA and/or Machine Learning (ML) to improve defect classification, produce test data, and to auto-repair failing automation scripts.

In each of our testing contracts, we deploy this accumulation of knowledge to assist with modernization efforts and to infuse cross-agency experience and knowledge.



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