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Client Challenge

A global offshore drilling contactor wanted to launch a daily operational reporting system to replace a manual process that was deeply ingrained in the workforce.

The client engaged SCI to help support the change management program with strategy, design, development and deployment of eLearning courseware to train multiple roles on the workflow for the new system. This change affects over 3,500 employees deployed globally, offshore, in harsh, low-bandwidth environments.  

SCI assessed the incoming software, the employee user base, and the inherent logistical challenges of a transition that would affect 3,500 offshore employees.

Our Solution

Given the business critical nature of the application, the short timeframe for the transition, and the large geographically-remote user base, SCI recommended and executed a scenario-based eLearning program that allowed users to use real-world workflows in a controlled environment.

SCI architected and implemented the technical solution necessary to deploy the media-rich courses directly to the offshore platforms while still effectively tracking and reporting completion. SCI programmers developed a custom middle-ware application facilitating the successful deployment despite the constraints of extremely low-bandwidth.


The project was developed and deployed in three months. The educational intervention resulted in an 80 percent completion rate within 6 weeks and allowed for a successful rollout of the new reporting software. Ultimately, this allowed a significant reduction in operational costs.


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