Delivering innovative solutions to our clients is at the center of everything we do. This can only be achieved by deploying the right combination of people and technical expertise. We have a total commitment to develop a solid understanding of our client's industry, business objectives, pain points and other dependencies. 


Innovative IT Solutions



Our People: It starts with recruiting the best talent and then cultivating that talent. SCI has a very low turn over rate. We influence our consultants to become business driven rather than just technology oriented. When we understand our clients' business and their industries, we can continue to approach business needs from the client viewpoint, yet offer innovative ideas and creative thinking.

Professional Development: We retain the best talent and encourage personalized training and development for our consultants. Our culture centers on continuous knowledge capture. By utilizing proven frameworks and methodologies within our flexible approach, our consultants can efficiently execute their work.

Collaborative Environment: We bring domain experience and technical expertise to the table. Rather than being restricted to standardized solutions, we work as an extension of our clients' teams. They bring knowledge of their business and set objectives, we work to learn the business and offer a set of innovative and creative options that meet specific needs.  This fosters a continuous value-add relationship.





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