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Client Challenge

A global credit union with over four million members receives huge amounts of daily physical mail, electronic faxes, secure e-Messages and other forms of communications from members: currently, 100,000+ pieces of physical mail a day along with thousands of emails and faxes from members. Ten years ago they implemeneted their first electronic document management system to automate the processing of the daily input from members. This system was based on the IBM Image Plus® platform and Kofax Ascent Capture® for scanning, and served the credit union for five years. About five years ago, the credit union moved to IBM’s Content Manager® technology and embedded Content Manager workflow. Kofax’s software was upgraded to the latest release and automated workflow was added to electronically route documents to business areas.

However, there are issues with the current system that end users have identified and areas of efficiency that can be improved dramatically. Some of the issues with the existing system were/are:

  • Incoming document are manually indexed for searching
  • Excessive sorting, handling and manual processing of document batches
  • Built-in workflow limited in functionality
  • Lack of document tracking, quality assurance and operational reporting.


In light of these deficiences, the credit union identified a need and funded a project to modernize the enterprise electronic document system. SCI was chosen to provide consulting and technical expertise for this effort.

Our Solution

For this project, SCI provided business requirements analysis, systems analysis, architecture services, project planning, technical task analysis, business process analysis and resource requirements for full scale deployment. We provided consulting, analysis, solution definition, project planning and scheduling, resource requirements and skill sets, and generally acted as a subject matter expert in the design and architecture of the modernized Enterprise Electronic Document system.


Today, the credit union has embarked on a project to modernize the document processing system based on the SCI assessment and recommendations. SCI is assisting the credit union with the modernization project by providing highly qualified and well trained information management and business process management professionals to implement a system that will be highly automated, highly searchable, and business process correct. 


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