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Client Challenge

Network Solutions, LLC. (NSL) is a leading Internet Domain name registrar that also provides domain transfer, website hosting, email, and related services. One of NSL’s domain name registration platforms is called SRSPlus. It serves its middle market wholesale customers and contains data on over 8000 wholesale customers and several hundreds of thousands of domain names belonging to these customers. Its infrastructure consists of a multi-tier, multi-server configuration, each tier of which incorporates primary and backup servers for load balancing and fault-resilient failover.

NSL was losing money through this platform because of the costs and logisitics involved to support it.

Our Solution

SCI worked with NSL to implement a global delivery model, at a low cost. We provided high quality software maintenance, database maintenance, help desk support, batch processes, data cleansing and operational support.


The global delivery model allowed to NSL to plan for a steady, predictable cost for the platform support. NSL now profits on this platform.


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