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Client Challenge

Verizon is one the leading communications provider in the nation. With its large customer base, Verizon has a huge challenge managing data and provisioning services with a high level of quality and reliability. As a result, Verizon IT needs a variety of applications and systems to manage the company's customers as well as its rapidly changing needs for rapid and reliable provisioning.

Along with a variety of peers, SCI was tasked with creating complex data system, and business support systems for Verizon IT.

Our Solution

Using Agile/RUP Methodologies, and ITL and ISO 9001 processes, SCI has created numerous software systems and operations systems that successfully address Verizon IT's needs. SCI maintains data communications and business support systems that include; voice portals, call management applications, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), and Contact Intelligence Services (CIS). These systems have a variety of unique features that are incredibly useful for Verizon IT. These projects were completed using multiple technologies including: Java/J2EE (Spring, RMI, JWS, JAXP - XML processing, JDBC/JPI, Hibernate, JSP/JSF/Jquery), Oracle/Sybase/MySQL, MS SQL, HTML, XML and Unix scripting.


SCI was able to provide effective and impactful software development support, followed by successful deployment of systems with on-going operational support for Verizon IT.


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